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GCN connects Guadeloupe from Baie-Mahault ("La Zone industrielle de Jarry") to a second Guadeloupe landing point in Baillif and continues on to St-Martin (Galisbay). From St-Martin, the system extends westward to a branching unit forming two branches that land in both Frederiksted, St-Croix (US Virgin Islands) and San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is also an extension from St-Martin to St-Barthelemy (Gustavia at Shell Beach).


Further to the “ACP Numérique” conference, GCN was charged to extend its cable to Martinique and Dominique. Thus, GCN connects Guadeloupe (Baillif) to Martinique (Lamentin). A branching unit extends a segment to Dominica.

Six additional segments provide connectivity extensions of the GCN cable to St-Kitts, Antigua, St-Lucia, St-Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada and Trinidad. The system has been deployed and has been operational since December 2007.

In early 2007, The Loret Group and Leucadia (a US business group - NYSE : LUK) created a joint venture (60%/40%) integrating ACL (Antilles Crossing). ACL transits from Frederiksted, St-Croix (US Virgin Islands) southeast to St-Lucia (Vigie Beach, Castries) continuing further southeast to Barbados (Bridgetown at Needham’s point). With the combining of the Antilles Crossing and the GCN cable system a ring formation was created between St-Croix and St-Lucia, enabling a primary restoration path for the majority of the combined network.


GCN has secured significant capacity on ECFS to ensure complete redundancy. The GCN landing stations in Martinique and Trinidad have been built out in order to facilitate interconnection to other submarine cables like ECFS, Americas II and Columbus Networks.

The GCN system has extensive capacity on other submarine networks connecting locations such as Miami, Paris and New York.

These submarine networks use new-generation dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) submarine line terminal, 162X Light Manager as well as  the Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN) systems for terrestrial applications.


Maintenance of the system is provided via the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA).

Restoration and Redundancy

GCN is a redundant network with a ring configuration from Saint Lucia to Saint Croix.

GCN has a restoration path on ECFS restoring Grenada, St-Vincent, St-Lucia, Dominica, St-Kitts, Barbados and Antigua.

GCN also has dual paths on the MAC cable system for redundancy purposes.

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