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The GCN network is a fully owned submarine fiber optic cable network run by state of the art electronics and management systems. GCN has extensive capacity on other submarine networks connecting locations such as Miami, Paris and New York.

As an innovative network provider, GCN operates on the basis of increasing the broadband capacity access for the Caribbean region. As a result of GCN's operating policy, market breaking prices have been set, flexible capacity terms have been established and innovative market offers have been created to permit international carriers, ISPs, cable TV operators, and enterprises unparalleled access to quality, affordable broadband capacity.



GCN offers international private circuits on either a lease or IRU basis. Following the basic philosophy of expanding broadband penetration in the Caribbean, GCN offers IRUs to enterprise customers as well, giving this segment the first opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning capacity rather than just leasing it.

Iru stands for Indefeasible Right of Use and is generally a fifteen year ownership of capacity which is treated as an asset and enjoys the benefit of depreciation on the corporate income statement. An iru is the lowest possible cost of capacity a company can obtain.
GCN offers international lease circuits in all the standard ITU interfaces such as E1, DS3, STM1, STM4, STM16, and STM64.
Leasing discounts are available for 3 and 5 year lease terms.


For Internet access, solutions, transit can be arranged with a primary route through Miami, using the GCN Autonomous System. Utilizing diverse transit partners, GCN ensures 'always on' transit. GCN all optical undersea network delivers a dedicated broadband Carrier Class IP service for international carriers, ISPs, Cable TV operators, and enterprises.
IP Transit is available at speeds from 10Mbps to 64Gbps using Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet interfaces.



GCN offers the following services at many of its island locations to assist the customer in a total solution :



- Carrier grade collocation
- Multiplexing and
  demultiplexing services
- Interconnect services
- IP address allocation

NOC: The GCN network operation center is located in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, FWI which provides a 24 hour Global Support for its clients.




Pursuant to Decision n°2014-0735 of ARCEP dated 26 June 2014, GCN hereby publishes its Technical and Pricing Offer for its Capacity Services available on the wholesale market for long distance segments between the following areas : Saint-Barthelemy / mainland France, Saint-Barthelemy / Martinique, Saint-Barthelemy / Guadeloupe and Saint-Barthelemy / Saint-Martin.

Technical and Pricing Offer for its Capacity Services - Saint-Barthelemy - February 2015

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