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Website terms of use.

1 - Property

The website, including the domain name, contents of any form and its graphic charter, are exclusive property of Global Caribbean Network, registered under the number 479 880 619 in the Registre de Commerce et des Societés of Pointe à Pitre.

2 - Consulting

The access to the general content is free, exclusively for an advisory, individual and private use.

3 - Copyright

The website general content information is public by nature. It is nonetheless protected by the French legislation about Copyright and Data Protection. The copy of the pages textual content may be authorized if a written demand is addressed to Global Caribbean Network, on condition that the source is specified and that the aforementioned content is respected in its integrity.

This reproduction right includes neither the rights on the photographs, on the moving or unmoving images (videos, graphics), nor the Third Party Intellectual Property rights (especially the complete documents that can be downloaded in pdf format on the website), except express authorization.

The right to exploit the contents for commercial aims will be given under no circumstances without an express authorization from Global Caribbean Network.

The use of Global Caribbean Network logo or one of its derivation is under strict control and prohibited without previous written authorization.

4 - Links

Links exchanges may be authorized by contacting the website webmaster. They shall under no circumstances be used to harm Global Caribbean Network. In any such case Global Caribbean Network retains the right to ask for the suppression of a link on a third site.

The website pages can under no circumstances be framed or embedded into other website pages, or any other form that might cast doubt on the origin of the published data. 

5 – Personal data access and rectification rights

Collected information is the object of a computer processing intended for the members affiliated to Global Caribbean Network to follow up at the customer management.

The data addressees are Global Caribbean Network and its affiliated structures.

Pursuant to the law nº 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, you have the rights of opposition, access and correction on the data concerning you. If you wish to exercise these rights and obtain communication of the information concerning you, please contact the webmaster. Any use of the website personal data by a third person (especially for data collection, canvassing…) is liable to penal sanction.

6 – Browsing Help

In order to keep some of the dynamic web pages in good working, a cookie will automatically be set in your computer. A cookie does not permit an identification process ; on the other hand, it stores information concerning your browsing on our website (the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that we will be able to read after each of your consultations.

We inform you that you can object to cookies recording by configuring your browser the following way :


For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. choisissez le menu "Options"
  2. cliquez sur l'onglet "Vie privée"
  3. décochez l'option "Accepter les cookies".

For google Chrome: 

  1. choisissez le menu "Paramètres"
  2. cliquez sur "Afficher les paramètres avancés"
  3. cliquez sur "Paramètres de contenu"
  4. cochez l'option "Bloquer les cookies et les données de sites tiers".

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:

  1. select the "Tools" menu (or "Outils"), then "Internet Options" (or "Options Internet")
  2. click on the "Confidentiality" tab (or "Confidentialité")
  3. select the wanted level with the cursor.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:

  1. select the "Tools" menu (or "Outils"), then "Internet Options" (or "Options Internet")
  2. click on the "Confidentiality" tab (or "Confidentialité")
  3. select the wanted level with the cursor.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: 

  1. select the "Tools" menu (or "Outils"), then "Internet Options" (or "Options Internet")
  2. click on the "Security" tab (or "Sécurité")
  3. select "Internet" then "Custom Level" (or "Personnaliser le niveau")
  4. spot the "Cookies" section and chose the option that suits you.

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X:

  1. select the "Edition">"Preferences" menu
  2. Confidentiality and Security
  3. Cookies

For Netscape Communicator 4.X:

  1. select "Modify">"Preferences" (or "Modifier">"Préférences")
  2. click on the "Advanced" option (or "Avancé")
  3. "Cookies" section

 For Opéra 6.0 et au-delà:

  1. select the "Files">"Preferences" menu (or "Fichier">"Préférences")
  2. Private Life


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